You are gathered in Rome
for the Order’s World Consulta
which takes place every five years
to reflect on the situation
of the Catholic Community
in the Holy Land,
to evaluate the achievements
and determine directives
for the future. [...]
I thank you for coming
and wish to express my appreciation
and my encouragement
for the initiatives of solidarity
that the Order fosters in the Holy Places
and that in recent years
have been further developed
and broadened.

Pope Francis during the audience
with the members of the Order
on the occasion of Consulta 2013

(September 13, 2013)

Riga divisoria croce con linea

Click here to see the videos of thanks sent by the various institutions of the Latin Patriarchate for the Consulta. 

These videos are a way to carry our brothers and sisters of the Holy Land in our hearts this Advent period and Christmas time


During this period of Advent and Christmas time - until Sunday after the Epiphany -  we will...

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Consulta 2018 of the Order

Every five years, all Lieutenants and Magistral Delegates gather around the Cardinal Grand Master and the Grand Magisterium to discuss the great questions of the Order's mission and life.

Consulta 2018 takes place in Rome on November 13-16.  

Riga divisoria croce con linea


Pope Francis encourages the members of the Order to continue their commitment invoking Our Lady’s protection

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The feast of the Blessed Virgin Mary Queen of Palestine: an occasion for fraternity

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“The Order is one of the expressions of the universal embrace of the Church”: Abp. Pierbattista Pizzaballa tells the Consulta

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Riga divisoria croce con linea