Remembering the Consulta 2013 with Helene Lund, Magistral Delegate for Norway

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Helene Lund_Consulta

We asked Helene Lund, Magistral Delegate for Norway, to recall her experience of the 2013 Consulta. She had been appointed Magistral Delegate a few months earlier and she joined the Cardinal Grand Master, the Governor General and the Grand Magisterium, together with the other Lieutenants and Magistral Delegates from all over the world in September 2013 in Rome. 

I am Helene Lund, Magistral Delegate for Norway and I have been asked to say a few words about the Consulta of 2013.

There are three points I would like to make.

First of all, the Consulta was an excellent opportunity to discuss the priorities for the Order in the following four years. As a newly appointed Magistral Delegate it was very stimulating to take part in that discussion.

Secondly, experiencing the fraternity within the international community of the Order was very helpful for me. I met Lieutenants from all around the world and I was able to see the unity and at the same time the enriching variety of the Order.

Thirdly, the Consulta gave us the opportunity to listen the voice of the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem and his staff. It was so touching and inspiring to hear firsthand from them about the situation in the Holy Land and about their needs.

I am looking forward very much to the next Consulta and I am very curious to hear what Pope Francis will tell us about how he wants to use the Order to support the Church in the Holy Land so that we could be inspired to continue our work for the next five years.