A practical and always up-to-date App for Members of the Order

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Knight André Zumthurm, head of Communications for the Lieutenancy for Switzerland, presents a technological innovation that could inspire other Lieutenancies around the world. The newly invented, three-language App gives access to a constantly updated Lieutenancy Directory as well as all important information about the Order. Already, about a quarter of all members of Lieutenancy for Switzerland regularly use this App on their smartphone. For further queries, the author of this article is available at the following address: app@oessh.ch.

For the past few months, members of the Lieutenancy for Switzerland have been able to download and install a new App of the Order on their smartphone or tablet. After entering their user name and password, a numeric list of members is transmitted and registered locally on their device. This data is copied directly from a database. It cannot be accessed on the internet and is not registered on any website. With this solution, it has been our absolute priority to ensure data protection and security.

In addition to personal information and the ability to insert a photo, the App provides the address, phone number and mail as well as the function, category, and Delegation. A search field and numerous filters (divided into Delegations, candidates, presidents or priors...) make it easier to find the people in question. You can even call the phone number directly with the application, write an SMS or an email or include the member in your personal contacts. Another possibility identifies the members in positions of responsibility together with their functions, classified by Lieutenancy, Sections and Delegations.

The App includes several PDF documents: current invitations and information about events, statutes and directives, prayers etc. Soon, it will also include a calendar with the date, location, time, and description of all events, and the dates can also be included in personal electronic agendas. Finally, short messages (texts and photos) will be used to highlight important publications or events that will eventually be presented with a link that will allow, for example, direct access to content on the Grand Magisterium website or that of the particular Lieutenancy.

The web management of the App for members involves databases with addresses, access to a timeline, and short message and PDF file logging. This permits several people with diverse authorizations to manage the App, regardless of time and place. The Membership App is available in three languages ​​(German / French / Italian) and complements existing communications media such as sent invitations or mail, printed publications and the Order's own website.

(November 21, 2017)