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Reactions to the booklet “Praying with the Grand Master”

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Thank you Eminence!

The Knights and Dames are grateful for such a useful instrument. We have long felt the need to be more in communion with our brothers and sisters from all over the world and the Holy Spirit has provided.

The Lieutenancy for Italy Sicily has, since the beginning, distributed the prayer booklet in its own Sections and Delegations. Some of them have printed and distributed a copy to each member of the Order.

The simple and immediate structure – a reflection / meditation, further reading and a monthly commitment that becomes personal prayer – makes it immediately accessible and appreciated.

The Palermo Section, in addition to having printed and distributed the booklet, at the beginning of the month through the WhatsApp group sends everyone the introductory part of the chapter to remind members to meditate, deepen and implement their personal commitment.

The booklet was printed and distributed to all the Confreres and Consoeurs of the Catania Section and every month, after the monthly Mass and before a moment of fraternal agape, the President – alternating with the ecclesiastical Master of Ceremonies – develops the first part in community. The second and third parts are left to personal prayer taking advantage of monthly Eucharistic adoration.

This new resource makes it possible for us to be pilgrims with Jesus on the journey “to Jerusalem”.

Antonio Mirto

Lieutenancy for Italy Sicily


(Spring 2019)