The example of solidarity of Knights and Dames in Colombia

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The head of the Order’s Lieutenancy for Colombia, Adriana Mayol Abondano shared news with us about the virtual communication media that have made it possible to organize spiritual retreats for a much wider audience. She also stressed the participation of the members of her Lieutenancy in charitable works in their country, a necessary activity in all Lieutenancies, as the Grand Master himself recently recalled.


For over fifty years, the Bogota section has contributed to the running of an Institute for Blind Children, on both the management team and the board of directors, as well as through financial support. Over one hundred children live at this Institute, they are blind children who have suffered mistreatment and violence, as well as having been abandoned by their families. Local elected representatives contribute very significantly to this support, but the excellent assistance, affection and dedication of the administrative team ensure a Christian approach to this greatly loved institution.

Knights and Dames who wish to do so can offer donations, in addition to the contributions they already give for the Order.

The Medellín section – through the Maria Madre Foundation – assists a particularly disadvantaged sector, supporting a day centre, work with the elderly and other charitable works. Again, Knights and Dames give gifts.

In the Popayán section, it is common for members of the Order to help the Saint Vincent de Paul Foundation individually, bringing joy to those most in need.

These activities are added to those of the Order, helping members understand that commitment and concern for the less fortunate are expressed above all with continuous support for local initiatives, without ever neglecting our primary duty for the Holy Land.


Adriana Mayol Abondano

Lieutenant for Colombia

(Spring 2021)