A virtual pilgrimage in this time of pandemic

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Pellegrinaggio Virtuale New means of communication make it possible to experience a pilgrimage to the Holy Land in a different way, meaning the flame of communion between the members of the Order and the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem can continue to burn.

On December 3, 2020, the Lieutenancy for Eastern Spain organised a virtual pilgrimage. The Knights and Dames, joining via nearly 80 computer screens, experienced a profound time of communion with the Holy Land, at a time when physical pilgrimages are impossible. After a greeting from the Grand Prior of the Lieutenancy, Cardinal Lluis Martinez- Sistach, Archbishop Emeritus of Barcelona, Father Joaquim Gras, Ecclesiastical Knight of the Lieutenancy and expert guide to the Holy Land, led a vast virtual tour with the help of a detailed photographic PowerPoint. Throughout the virtual pilgrimage, stories from the life of Jesus were vividly brought to life in each of the places visited. Participants were completely absorbed as they followed the pilgrimage not only because of the evocative commentary but also because this online spiritual experience took place in the privacy of their own homes. Lieutenant Juan Carlos de Balle closed the event by thanking the production team for their help and work. The YouTube video https://youtu.be/aIDiy5rMwpY can be seen on the Lieutenancy website and is also available in Spanish on the Grand Magisterium website.