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Annual Retreat for Townsville Section of Australia Queensland Lieutenancy

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Queensland Mass

On Saturday, June 23, 2018, the Townsville Section of the Queensland (Australia) Lieutenancy gathered at the House of Prayer for their Annual Retreat facilitated by our Chaplain, Rev Father Kerry Crowley. Father Crowley had driven 209 kilometres from his parish in Tully.

Father Crowley based the retreat on excerpts from the book "The Healing Habit”. Issues raised in the book guide us towards a deeper understanding of who you truly are, and the awesome power of positive thinking, and offers us the gift of renewing our life, of living it more fully and happily.

That evening we attended our Annual Mass in the Sacred Heart Cathedral. Mass was celebrated by Most Reverend Bishop Tim Harris assisted by our Ecclesial Master of Ceremonies Rev. Fr. Rod Ward and Chaplain Rev Fr Kerry Crowley.

Following the Mass we moved to the North Queensland Club for Dinner. The Guest Speaker was Dr Paul Bartley, a member of the Grand Magisterium and Vice Governor-General for Asia and the Pacific. Paul spoke on his role in the Asia/Pacific Region and how different cultures had an effect on the conduct of the Order.

The North Queensland Section has lost two of its most distinguished and long serving members Jack Gleeson AM KSG and Pat Fitzgerald. Both members were dedicated and loyal to the Order. During the year, the Section holds two meetings and members attend quarterly Mass at the Sacred Heart Cathedral.

Vince Crowley KHS
Section President

(July 2018)