Dutch Lieutenancy and Syriac Catholic refugees

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Dutch Lieutenancy and Syriac Catholic refugees Copyright Caritas

Recent years have seen numerous Syriac Catholics flee to Europe to escape persecution in their homelands of Syria and Iraq. Over the past few months new refugees have arrived, who have been housed in the Koepelgevangenis prison in Arnhem. The Syriac Catholics are part of the Roman Catholic Church of Antiochene tradition.

A member of our Dutch Lieutenancy sought out the priest of the Church of Saint John the Apostle in Arnhem to discuss possibilities for us to show our solidarity and human nearness, based on our spiritual connection. The priest was very pleased to have us join his flock on December 13 to celebrate the Eucharist, and we had coffee with them after, forming small groups to hear their stories and share their concerns.

(January 15, 2016)