The family dimension of a priest's life in the Order

Testimony of Father Vincent Comte, Prior of the Languedoc Saint-Roch Delegation and Prior of the Montpellier Saint-Gilles Section of the Order's Lieutenancy for France

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Vincent Compte

In my role as Regional Prior in the Order of the Holy Sepulchre, I also serve as Prior of one of the Delegations, which means that my experience has an authentic family dimension.

One of the Knights and his wife regularly and frequently welcome me to their table. These are privileged moments of exchange, and I would say also of spiritual communion. This also means sometimes cycling together while praying the rosary for the Order or praying the rosary while cycling together. The result is the same, sometimes to the amazement of those who hear us as we pass on the cycle path! The support of other families in the Order is also precious to me. It is about concrete friendship and true fraternity.

Of course, regular meetings, with Mass that I preside over, when possible, the study of chosen themes and topics, in-depth discussions, and meals, all contribute to this family dimension.

Priests, and perhaps particularly those who do not live in community, need this kind of relational life and moreover, quite often can contribute to it.

What can we say then about the experience of being on pilgrimage! I have experienced it and am still experiencing it. It is a privileged time and even, let us not fear the term, a time of communion. I am sure that all my readers will agree with me and that in this sense I am throwing open an already open door. I simply wanted to insist on how important it is, even for the priest, that he accompany and be accompanied fraternally.

The family dimension of the life of a priest in the Order, of my life as a priest in the Order, is also manifested among priests. It is an essentially fraternal relationship, which can have filial and paternal overtones. We can live this in the various moments when we meet, however fleeting they may be.

Yes, in the Order we truly live under the banner of this word of Jesus: "For whoever does the will of My Father who is in heaven, he is My brother and sister and mother." (Mt 12:50)


(April 2023)