“My people are driven by the power of love”

Testimony of Nataliya Khylenko, Ukrainian and Dame of the Order (Lieutenancy for the Principality of Monaco)

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Natalie Khylenko

Ukraine’s freedom has not yet perished, nor has her glory upon us fellows Ukrainians. Fate will smile once more. We’ll lay down or souls and bodies to attain our freedom.

I am sharing the pain I have been feeling for my homeland as it has been so long since the people of my country are mourning and the entire world is mourning alongside.

It is painful to watch chronicles from the liberated towns Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Bucha and...the list is long. It is unbearable to watch images of destroyed Mariupol. But we are watching with strong determination to rebuild every devastated city, town and village to recover their souls to honour the dead and to bring life and happiness back.

Ukrainian people around the world are mourning but we have not given upon defending our beloved county in every possible way and with a strong faith in God’s guidance.

Yes they are working hard and doing anything they can to save innocent lives. Even in the darkest moments of intolerable pain my people are driven by the power of love and by strong confidence in God. No one can dim this divine light from within, no matter how much pain need to endure this war. Because light always overcomes darkness.

It breaks my heart to see Ukrainian women who, like pearls from a broken neckless, have scattered across neighbouring countries. They are standing in queues to get a bus or train, they are crossing borders in search for peaceful sky. These tired tortured but strong-willed women are staying resilient while saving their children and praying for their men.

During these days I have seen many images depicting incredible strength of Ukrainian women.
These women do not give up, they do not cry, they do not complain. On the contrary, the power of their faith is stronger than ever. Even though they lost their homes, while escaping to safety with only one change of clothes and faces emaciated due to constant lack of sleep, and never ending anxiety still their inner beauty surpasses the outer.

Ukrainian women scattered across the world are the embodiment of femininity, courage and valour. Now their main task is to save their children, their parents, and pray for our male warriors. Everything else will come after.


(April 2022)